Meet Our Dream Team

Mr ‘Never say no’

General Manager – Brad Dabbs

Brad has been at the helm of Showtime Event Group for over 7 years. When establishing the group’s core market, Weddings were flagged early on. Brad comes from a background of resorts and hotels, were guest experience and satisfaction is first and foremost.

‘In the early days I wanted to make things easy for couples. Everyone in the market had a wedding package, but then they also had a very long list of extra things you had to pay for. I wanted Showtime Events Centre to show that when you book this venue, we include all the little things you don’t want to go away and think about, or budget for, on top of your reception’.

‘I never wanted to be in a position that I had to tell a couple that what they wanted couldn’t be done. I never wanted to say no. So for the past 7 years I’ve tried my hardest to meet every couple, whether its on their first site, as host at their menu tasting, or there to greet them on the big night. I’ve listened to the changing market, and I’ve ensured that our team has multiple packages, price points and menu options to facilitate any request that comes through.’

Ms Game-Changer

Senior Wedding Producer – Karinda Mathison

Karinda has produced weddings at Showtime Event Group for the past 4 years. Not only did the venue take out the top prize, but Karinda was runner up for the Best Wedding Producer in Australia, missing out by just 0.2% of the vote.

There’s not much she hasn’t seen, and with over 300 weddings under her belt there is no problem she can’t fix. Even after all this time you’re guaranteed to find her crying during first dance, and speeches… and the entry… and the walk down the aisle… well you get the idea!

All about the “vibes” and creating those priceless Kodak moments, Karinda lives and breathes the ‘No stress Policy’

Although she’s pedantic about the detail and ensuring no rock goes unturned, she doesn’t take life too seriously and believes in flipping the traditional “wedding” on its head to create one-hell-of-a-party!

Mr Fabulous (Exclamation Mark) 

Wedding Producer, Gavin Johnston 

If this team was a giant colourfully wrapped box, Gavin would be the polka dot ribbon tied in one massive bow.

Gavin has a background in weddings and events in luxury 5 star hotels, so he knows how to deliver polished service even under the highest of pressure.

‘The best part of my job is meeting a couple who are stressed to the max about the entire wedding ordeal, and within 2 minutes I can settle them with a glass of champagne, and the assurance that they need not worry, they have me Producing their wedding. Then I watch them smile, and get excited. Goodbye stress, hello Gavin!

Ms Serenity

Wedding Producer – Devin Bosley

Devin is our peacekeeper, coming from a long background in weddings but also corporate events means that she prepared for any challenge or request a couple might present, and she does it all with class.

Dev’s skill as a people person makes her indispensable on the day, dealing with logistics through to family and her humble and down-to earth nature ensures any task is executed with the upmost of grace and elegance; leaving you to rest easy knowing all the “i’s” are dotted and no “t” is left uncrossed!

Ms Fairy Godmother

Wedding Producer – Olivia Hannan

Olivia is a weddings wonder, an industry expo with over 150 weddings under her belt (and involved in over 400) we can comfortably say she knows a thing or two. With experience in Yarra Valley wineries to some of the largest businesses in the wedding game she has now come to join the Showtime Event Group family.

A genuinely caring character ‘Liv takes the utmost care when it comes to your big day and likes to be there every step of the way. See what Olivia can do for you and make your wedding day a personal one with a friend you won’t forget.

Mr ‘Clockwork’

Food and Beverage Manager – Paul O’Brien

Paul heads Showtime Event Group’s operations, often across multiple sites. His background in unique venues, and off site catering, combined with traditional hotel style operations, is the perfect mix to deliver a high end service, with the relaxed and personable feel required.

‘I’ve run events for decades. Whilst the next wedding may be the one thousand and twentieth event I’ve done, I never forget to remind all of my team on the night, that to a certain couple, this is the most important event of their life, therefore it is, for that night, ours as well’.